Making a Difference

8/25/19 - Multi-pronged approach makes inroads in local opioid crisis

7/28/19 - Humboldt County opioid trends promising times standard article

11/8/17 - Taking A Page From Pharma’s Playbook To Fight The Opioid Crisis

10/12/17 - Changing Lives

3/3/17 - Overdose reversal drug struggles among increasing cost, stigma

9/14/16 - KAEF 6pm Opioid Prescription Reduction (WMV Video)

9/14/16 - KIEM 11pm Opioid Prescription Reduction (WMV Video)

9/14/16 - Rx Decrease Release (PDF)

9/12/16 - Librarians raise concerns over surge of heroin overdoses in libraries across the U.S. -

6/3/16 - Arcata Police Now Carry a Life-Saving Overdose Drug -



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